Backing Up - SafeDisc v2.60.052

I have a Liteon 24x10x40 with Firmware ( 5S5A ) and have Successfully backed up 3 SafeDisc 2.60 Games - Grand Prix 4, Stronghold Deluxe, Operation Flashpoint: Resistance. :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

Here are the settings I used:


Read Subchannel Data From Data Track: YES
Read Subchannel Data From Audio Track: YES
Fast Error Skip: Auto
Intelligent Bad Sectors Scanner: YES
Sector Skip: 100
Read Speed For Data: 4x
Read Speed For Audio: MAX


Write Speed: 4x
Amplify Weak Sectors: YES
Don’t Repair Subchannel Data: YES

Hope this works for all of you that are having trouble with SafeDisc 2.6:cool:

Minimum settings for Liteon LTD-24102B and SafeDisc 2.x

READING[ul][]Read Subchannel Data From Data Track: NO[]Read Subchannel Data From Audio Track: No[]Fast Error Skip: Auto[]Intelligent Bad Sectors Scanner: No[]Read Speed For Data: Max[/ul]WRITING[ul][]Write Speed: max[]Amplify Weak Sectors: NO[]Don’t Repair Subchannel Data: NO[/ul]…or you could just use the Game CD profile :wink:

I’ve backed up operation flashpoint resistance on Liteon 40125W, i didnt realise it had safedisc 2.6. i used game cd profile :slight_smile:

Doesn’t Operation Flashpoint have FADE?

There’s no difference between SD 2.60 and SD 2.51.021, except that weak sectors are between sector 1000 and 1500, not 0 - 500

I read somewhere the slowest burn speed is 8x for
the LTR-48125W. I am ready to buy this burner but
concerned about the slowest burn speed being only 8x.

Can someone confirm for me what the slowest burn speed



The slowest burn speed for the Lite-On LTR-48125W is 4X. Not 8X.

If you burn slower than 24x, most media will give worse quality than at 24x. The only exception I found are Verbatim Metal Azo.

“Doesn’t Operation Flashpoint have FADE?”

Yes but it isn’t a problem with 1:1 copies. It just checks if the .exe is cracked and activates if it is. Only protection against 1:1 copy in Opereation Flashpoint is Safedisc 2.

Originally posted by alexnoe
There’s no difference between SD 2.60 and SD 2.51.021, except that weak sectors are between sector 1000 and 1500, not 0 - 500

mmmmmm but if this is true, why in soaf (safedisc 2.60) first weak sector is 326 and last is 10251???

Then it is not SD 2.60.

SafeDisc analyser sometimes shows crap. Once it even told SD 2.50 for a game which was released before even SD 2.41 had existed…

Safedisc analyzer, clonyxxl, tccd scout all the same result. The 00000000.016, 00000000.256 and 00000001.TMP files on cd are safedisc 2.xx.xx+. What’s the truth?

Are you sure that the last weak sector is behind 10.000? There should usually be the last unreadable sector, but never a weak sector!
Use Betablocker to find the weak sectors.

Ok, I have tried every combination and can not make a backup of Resistance.

I have used:

  1. Clone CD 4.2.02 with Toshiba GCE-8160B
  2. Instant Write 6.5 with Toshiba S5112

When I run the OFP with the backup CD’s (CDR or CDRW) I get that resistance has caused an error and generated a log.

This error occurs on both a W2K and XP.

I downloaded Clonyxx and it reports SD 6.

Any ideas?



Still have not been able to make a valid copy of Resistance. From what I have read, both my cd burners should be able to do this.

I’ve tried several different profiles for each program and still no luck…

Any ideas…



ok, very old thread, but hey, have you tried downloading the latest CloneCD? that should definatly be able to do it, then again so should CloneCD 4.2, are you sure you have “Hide CD-R Media” enabled in the tray?

ben :slight_smile:

ps. im not sure, but does SafeDisc 2.6 have a ATIP check? i think it came in in version 2.5, but im not sure

Thanks for the reply bcn_246. I haven’t tried the new clone CD as it would not take the CD key and I don’t have the exe anymore for 4.2 re-install.

I run the games from a normal CD-Rom so ATIP shouldn’t come into play.

your right on old thread but at least I read them all before posting :-}

Will try the new Clone CD on the XP system that currently has the instant write software. That way I won’t lose my registered cloneCD version…

Will let ya know how that goes!

thx tim