Backing up S.D 2.9 with cdrw disk

I tried to make a s.d 2.9 copy with BW 4.5 using a plex premium and no autoplay on a rewritabe disc. It didn’t work. So does making the copy on a cdrw disk make any difference? Would the copy more likely have worked on a cdr disc? I am just trying to deterrmine if it was the disc or the plex premium. I would think it would make no difference but want to get others opinion

try it with a cdr disk…i know it may create a coster but it does seem to make a difference…ie my laptop will read the cdrs just not the cdrws (though i have autoplay on it).

also make sure your using alcohorer for settings in 4.5.7 for safedisk 2.9x. I get best results at 4x-8x burn speed.