Backing up PSX games: finding burner that can write 96-byte subchannel

currently looking for a burner can read/write 96byte subchannel data. any adivise? million thanks.

ps:id also love to know the wether the burner can read/write @ 1x if you know.

I’m not sure which will copy the subchanel but burning at 1x will depend on the media used. I haven’t come across any media that will let burn at 1x in a long time. When i was backing up ps2 games i would burn at 1x to keep the audio from stuttering.

IMO this isn’t a Newbie question. Your other threads about backing up PSX games may be relevant:

Transferring to CD & DVD Copy Protection forum…

ive looked many thread in the forum and i guess the only problem im facing against libcrypt is my burner doesnt support 96 subchannel writing. so i just looking for some model number and choose one to buy. maybe theres a better place for this post to get an answer?

ps:i saw someone saying one lite-on with certain fireware can only write at 8x, maybe didnt remember correctly.

Certainly just about any Plextor, Lite-on or Asus drive can write cds in raw dao96 mode and probably most other modern drives can do so too.

Why not just check the manufacturer’s specifications at their website for any particular model that interests you?

yeah, but my sony 720 cant, im not sure wether it is so old. i gonna check it out, but most of them would not mention this i think. or i’ll have to find some pdf which contains more detail. thanks

like i never expected, they never mention anything about wether they support 96sub or not. ive found one here most on the list are not exist now though.


Just look for some reviews, ALL the Lite-on cd writers will do them. ALL the Lite-on dvd writers will do them, ALL the plextor writers will do it…

Most drives will to be honest.

There’s plenty of reviews that include this information.

At the end of the day, even if you can’t find at drive (which is easy as pie) there are loads of sites with patches to remove the libcrypt protection.

I can’t list them because it will be violating the rules.

yeah, ive learnt something these days and i know how to move the libcrypt. what i am trying is copy libcrypt with the game. maybe i should name the tittle ‘finding a burner can burn libcrypt’, but i dont know wether it’s agaist the forum rules. i use nero info tool learnt my sony can do a +96 subchannel writing but the things just wont work fine for me. ive wasted more than a dozen cd-rs already and i dont know how much more will be wasted. and i begin to wonder if only cd burner or combo can do a successful libcrypt burning.

Seems strange, although nero info tool [B]can[/B] be wrong.

If I were you I’d hunt down an old cheap lite-on CD writer. All the older ones can write DAO96.

Make sure you are also writing the discs properly!!!

If my memory serves me correct, you should be using a very old version of CloneCD, say version 2.xx

Then make sure you “Read subchannel data” for both audio\data (think you only need data), when it comes to writing the disc, you must write the image [B]without correcting subchannel information[/B]

Some of the later psx games used modchip detection - libcrypt had nothing to do with this, and you will either have to be using a stealth modchip, or use a patch on the image.

It is not illegal to backup libcrypt, it is illegal to [B]remove[/B] it…

Well it mite be in the usa, but then what isn’t these days insofar as technology is concerned.

Just to make sure, you do have a modchip installed don’t you!!!

You do realise that NO burner can copy a psx disc 1:1, so you must have a modchip!!!

(just in case, I remember having no problems whatsoever backing up psx games, apart from one, and that was a codemasters game, they’ve plonked on some more protection, just needed a patch)

ive already tried clonecd but it says cant read cuz file version is incompitable or unknown. i do have a modchip otherwise i wont bother burning psx games, and i can play backed up games with no libcrypt protection. i doubt i’ll find any old liteon for sale, but i’ll try. thanks.

ive found some new/used model availble, with a LTR or SOHR. whats the different? which of these 2 is the ‘old’ one? LTR series have more model availble, i only notice their speed are different, does that effect burning resalt?