Backing Up Ps2

Hi, i am new to this,grandfather WITH 8 grandkids fight like hell over the playstation2, I end up with dameged disks ,I need to back up (robots) any help would be great,I have nero, & BENQ burner

You need to either install a chip or use swap magic.

You don’t need backing Up your Ps2 games! You need more control over your grandkids! If they fight over the Ps2 ! Put the Ps2 away till the grandkids learn to sit quietly and wait for there turn. :slight_smile:

And maybe the easiest solution to get dvddecrypter(free) using the iso mode, but like diizzy said you’ll need a modchip or the swap solution.

thanks rapid fire,i already have a mod chip and i had a go at decrypterbut did not understand it to well this was the sort ,of advice i wanted Thank you for your time and trouble,

Not some wet behind the neck dutcei trying to tell somone else how to bring up his grand kids, who knows nothing about my circumstances,SO GIVE YOU OPINION ABOUT SOME ONE ELSES FAMILY WHEN YOUR ARSKED FOR IT, GOT IT,NOW SHUT UP AND DONT REPLY TO MY POSTS AGAIN ,(I hope i have not affended anyone else in my remarks),

If I opt to buy the swap magic disc, is it as easy as using it and putting the PS2 copied disc in, or are there still modifications needed for the unit?

You have asked for help here, so I suggest you calm down a bit and behave.
This makes it easier for everyone.