Backing Up PS2 Titles? General Pointers

Hi guys,

My big brother has a PS2, which he had chipped before Sony made it ‘illegal’ in the UK in order for him to be able to play R1 DVD’s that he regularly brings back on his travels to the US.

Now though, his 7yr old son has been sucked into the wonderful world of consol gaming and my brother wishes to backup some of the titles that he lets his son play with as to not damage the originals?

I just wanted to know what the general idea is? What kind of software does the job? I was thinking maybe CloneCD/DVD maybe? I don’t have a PS2 myself, but I understand all the games are on DVD?

Any help or advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated;)



Most of the games are on dvd and they can be backed up with dvd decryptor (free) just mode\iso\read then mode\iso\write its that simple…
You can also use any other iso dvd backup software including alcohol and clone cd

Thanks a lot mate - I will pass the info on!



No problems these are the programs i have tried and know work
dvd decryptor
recordnow max
clone cd
Last time i tried clone dvd it could not backup ps2 games but maybe it can now someone please confirm…

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Once the game has been backedup what do I need to make it run ?

You need a modchip to play the game.
There is no copy protection on ps2 games like on cd’s, just put it in and do a copy.
Plain copy like it was some dvd with data on it.

But to get it work in ps2, you need a modchip.
Also remember that some ps2 models are extreme media picky, and only high quality media should be used.
The old ps2 do also NOT support dvd+r, but after v5 they do.

A friend of mine would now like to have a ‘Modchip’ fitted to his PS2 but because of news laws in the UK it is illegal to buy them.

Does anyone know if there are still any retailers in the UK that are willing to supply the chips? Or if I import one from the US or Europe will I have any restrictions?



You will find a lot of modchips in UK i guess.
But, since you dont know the modchip scene, dont get screwed.

I would recommend a expensive, but a very very good modchip, maybe the best out there. Their offical site is

The advantage with this chip is that its flashable, you download new firmware, burn on cd, put in ps2 and update.

Quality is also known to be very good, but the price might be a little stiff.
Take a look at resellers. Since they are listed at the original page, I guess they are legit, but i cant confirm that.

Thanks mate.

What are they like to fit? Would an average guy like me be able to do it or would I need a professional?



If you have never done a ps2 install before dont try it yourself unless you have considerable soldering experience…
Its not like doing a psx consol with a few wires …

True. You need solder experience to do this. I did my neo’s chips myself, but when i saw pics of “real” chips installed I got a pro to do it .

Goto h**p://

There is a special tool that look like tweezers that are made specifically for removing computer chips without damaging them.For all they cost you might grab a pair.:slight_smile: