Backing up PS2 games

how hard is it to back up my ps2 games i am useing the magic swap disks to make them run, and was wondering how to copy it 2 my HDD then burn on DVD

If they are cd based use either clonecd (libcrypt profile) or alcohol (playstation datatype)
If they are dvd based these are a few programs you could use
dvd decryptor
recordnow max\dx
dvd decryptor is so easy just select mode\iso\read then to write mode\iso\write…
you must have a modchip or other boot method to be able to play the games

i use drag and drop cd+dvd,it usually works great. i have also used dvd decrypter that one works also.


Lately i have noticed thatmy games dont boot or just come up with a blank screen. i am using the swap mod chip that requires no opening of the ps2. I tried on both dvd r- and dvd r+. I have the sony burner and 2 of them both are the same result. i have also tryed the 2 programs above and nero which only burnt 1 out of 5. I use the memorex (sp) but i just got sony dvds and its the same result.

if anyone can tell me why sometimes it doesnt work plz do and a fix if there is.

It could just be your media, but have you tried slowing down your burn speed?

i think i did . . but that was when i was useing nero which didnt work to well for some reason. . . .ill try that and reply after i test it.