Backing up PS2 games


Im trying to back-up my purchased ps2 games. I have no idea how to do it. I have a Memorex Dual-Layer +/- DvD Burner with Nero 6 software. How do I back-up the games effectively?


ps2 games have no copyprotection so nero should work you, but i would suggest to try DVD-Decrypter in iso mode. It´s freeware and for me the best solution to backup my ps2 games.

Nero works the way i use this one is depending on which format the game is cd/dvd mostlikely dvd just pick dvd go int favorites and just hit copy disk and wait

In decryptor go int mode then iso change to read go under file and hit decrypt and then one its done find file where ever you put it click open and decryptor should come up ready to write…

But before all this you have to have to have a modded PS2

As was said they are easy to copy = hard to play.

All PSX and PS2 games are copy protected, it is controversial as to how this protection works but there is no known way to reproduce it, thus you need a modchip to disable the protection in the BIOS or your copy won’t boot!

If you are based in the UK, you may be aware that sales of PS2 modchips here is now illegal, so you may have difficulty getting anybody to do it for you. I purchased my chip from the U.S. and it was delivered within a week from a UK PO box, so go figure…

BTW if you take the DIY route beware the soldering is extremely difficult, requiring re-shaping the soldering iron bit to a tip diameter of around 0.5mm, powerful lighting, and a decent magnifying glass, as there are around 4 of the 19 wires soldered onto the legs of an IC around 0.4 mm wide with the same degree of separation, and all too easy to create an accidental solder bridge.

I have found almost any burning app works OK, my personal preference is Alcohol 120%.

Is it possible to purchase a boot disk because I’ve read that this is the alternative to using a mod-chip to play game back-ups. I’m by no means an expert on this so feel free to correct me if what I’ve just said is completely wrong.


This is a boot disk the white one is for PSX games and the blue is for PS2 games but still require modchip there may be other way but this is the way I do mine

You may be interested in this which consists of the boot discs and some sort of device, presumably for opening the DVD tray?

I got the DMS3 chip from the same site, which has the advantage (for my 5yr old) of not requiring any messing around, just insert disc and play.

The boot disk for PSX has serious problems with multi-disc games, they don’t work…inster disc 2 and you have a problem.

The boot disk for PS2 is no different though there are less multi disc games since most are 1 DVD. The biggest problem is the swap trick is a pain in the arse to do for each game.

Just successfully backed up Spiderman 2 (DVD)

  1. Copied to .MDS with Alcohol 120%
  2. Mount .MDS in Alcohol Virtual drive, as it refused to burn to my writer from Alcohol itself
  3. Use Nero DVD->DVD on the fly disc copy from mounted image to 8X DVD-R burned at 4X for safety.
  4. Play as normal

As mentioned above, first and foremost you need some sort of mod method for your PS2. The modchip is hardest/most expensive one to install but once it is installed properly it is also the most hassle free. A good soldered modchip (ie DMS3 or Messiah2/Pro) definitely makes a difference (just like the media). There are the Swap Magic bootable discs for the PS2 but if you have an older version PS2, you will still need to install a flip-top lid and it isn’t quite as simple to backup/load games on these setups. For the most part a simple swap is all that is required. For an increasing number of games however, there are multiple swaps involved and patches that have to be applied. Check out for more info on which games have issues and what you need to do. In addition you have to make sure that the original disc you are using for the swap has a larger TOC size than the backup. I for one think that at this point it is just too much hassle to consider the swap magic discs as a valid option. The other option you have is the HD Loader (or equivalent) mod method which also does not require a modchip. You essentially run things off of an upgraded computer HD, very similar to the XBOX. However, there is still a single swap involved in starting things up for certain applications (it should also be noted that the newest PS2s will NOT have space for an internal HD). I had a trusted site put a DMS3 chip in my PS2 and I have no regrets. Simply burn a straight copy with just about any program that supports CD/DVD burning (ie Alcohol 120%, Nero, RNM, Prassi) and pop the PS2 backup in and it boots right up. With movies and PS1 there is just a little bit more involved but certainly not as much of a pain as swapping out multiple discs. For PS1 games you pop the PS1 backup in and hit the reset button and immediately hold down the circle button. For DVD Movies it is the same process but you hold down the square button instead of the circle button. Each soldered modchip will require something like this to bootup movies or PS1 games.

I agree with Jesterrace as far as swap magic being a hassle if i would have known of HDLoader backthen or if i was around i would have done that…using a hard drive you just have to put games on it and put your originals in a safe place not to get messed up…plus you save money on the disc