Backing up PS2 games with Plextor 716-A

Due to some unfortunate mistakes made in the other thread, a new thread is to be created. I need help backing up my original copies PS2 games. I had no problem backing it up with DVD decrypter with my Pioneer A06. However, with my Plextor 716-A with firmware 1.04 and TY 4x DVD-R media, the games fail to boot pass the Playstation 2 logo. Like I stated earlier, the media worked okay with my old Pioneer burner and I doubt it can be the media this time. If anyone here can help me this would be greatly appreciated.

First of all what version is your ps2? If you had it modded you should know. What speed did you burn your games at and can you post some sum8 and sum1 scans? I had this happen to me a few times too. Are you sure that your TY are genuine, fakes have that problem a sum 8 and sum 1 scan on your burn will tell us something. In fact I have some TY fakes and managed to get them to work on my ps2 lol.

I have a version 9 PS2 and I burned them at 4x. These are Fuji branded 4x TY DVD-R media. I have used them in the past with no problems. I’ll do a scan test in a bit.

hmm, your old games that you backup with your Pioneer still works right, so we can rule out the ps2 being the cause. I backup games all the time I have a version 7 and use the same media you do and works everytime. I was using 1.04u firmware on a few and went exclusively to 1.05 and it even works better :slight_smile: What I notice is that when pi goes over 150 and pif goes over 7 the ps2 chokes or skips. The reason the games might not be posting maybe due to a high pif spike in the beginning or the end. I use DVD Decrypter to burn the games also. What game are you trying to backup, I notice that some games are real picky about posting. If it makes it past the ps2 logo meaning your mod have injected to boot code, then its definately how the game is burned and read on the ps2.