Backing up PS2 Games. Simple Question (I hope!)

Afternoon All -

My parents live in different parts of the US…and I have a PS2 at both locations, but I’m not up for it (and neither at they), that is buying some of my favorite games twice, and I hate totting them around - waiting for one to get lost etc. So I want to make back up copies (which I think is my right, isn’t it? Since I already own the game?) :cop: .

Anyhow, I’ve seen people say to use DVD Decryptor. I have a few follow up questions (which I cannot find answers in here about, though I can find half - answered threads everywhere) :confused: :

  1. Using DVD Decryptor - do I need a mod-chip? I don’t want to have to open my box up. But let me know.

  2. Can I use (if I have to have a mod-chip) any of those Game Shark/Cheat Devices instead (rather than opening my box up)?

  3. Any lasting advice? PM me if there is, thank you. :smiley:

Thanks in advance!


If you don’t want to open it up, I suggest hdadvance. It lets you copy your retail games to a hard drive installed in your ps2 via the network adapter. Works great for me.

1 you will need a modchip or other boot method
2 you could use a slide card or as anjilslaire says
3 get a modchip it will be worth it and better than any other boot method…

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I looked at your tutorial about the dvd decrypter. Does it have to be a DVD-R