Backing up PS2 Games. Need advice

I was wondering if anyone could offer some pointers for backing up PS2 Games? What chip would you recommend getting, and does it matter which version of console you have? I sold my first PS2 a year or so ago, and I’m wanting to buy a new one. I’m wanting to make sure that I can backup my games, and I was hoping you all could tell me which chip I will want to use. Also does it matter which console version I get? Any pointers or tips? Are there sites where I can order a PS2 with a modchip already installed like you can with the Xbox?


I own a PS2 but unmoded so please forgive me if some of my information is wrong. I suggest that you use -R media at first because some ps2s don’t like +R even with bitstting. :frowning: I would reconmend getting the messia 2 (sp?) chip or something like that. That is the best so far. I think that chip works with all versions but I’m not 100% sure on that. There are some stores and website where you can order a premodded ps2, do a search on google.

the earlier versions of the ps2 can’t read dvd+r, so the version will matter if you plan on using dvd+r. all versions should be capable of reading dvd-r. as nooby suggested, google is your friend.

Another alternative to the messiah 2 is the DMS3 which can be flash upgraded and has a lot of other extra features…
Both are very good chips i have the messiah 2 and have had no problems with i at all…

So if I have the “messiah 2”, the PS2 will direct boot to backups? No disc swaps or anything? I’m glad you all mentioned that about the PS2 liking DVD-R.

dallshead, are there any games that won’t work? Or any other tips?

EDIT: And would you recommend getting a brand new PS2 or looking for an earlier version on ebay or something?

Thanks for your help guys.

If you have the messiah 2 then it will be a direct boot. I think the method is to have the disc already inside the ps2 and then turn it on. (correct me on that)

I can’t think of games that haven’t worked yet but I have a feeling the sony will introduce bad sectors into their protection.
My tip is to copy with dvd decrypter.

I think it doesn’t matter what version you have so just find the cheapest one.

Thanks Nooby… I’m just gonna start PM’ing you :bigsmile: LOL

I own a modded PS2 and concur with what has been said. In general you are better off with DVD-R. Ritek and Taiyo Yuden are good choices for media. The Messiah 2 will do direct boot for PS2 games. For movies and PS1 games there is an extra step involved (not sure what since I don’t have the Messiah 2 chip). As for getting a newer version? Not unless your current PS2 has a dying laser or is older than a Version 4. Older than Version 4 are a royal pain to mod and most trusted installers won’t touch them.

So a brand new one will be ok?

Should be. I would still stick to DVD-R though. Despite Sony’s claims that it will play + format discs, people haven’t found that to be entirely true (some do, some don’t).

Ok, I’ll use -R.

I remember seeing where Sony had released a new version of the PS2 that is a lot thinner than the original. Pretty nice looking. I’m going to see if I can find one. I think they just came out, so I probably won’t be able to find one yet.

Yeah, it is supposed to have a fliptop lid. Pretty strange but it looks kinda cool.

I always use DVD-R never tried DVD+R even with bitsetting although DVD+R movies work on my ps2 version 7…
Here is the boot instructions i got with my messiah 2


Switch on the PS2 to STANDBY (red light) and press EJECT to open the disc tray.
Insert the game into the disc tray and press EJECT or RESET to close the tray & boot the game.

Switch on the PS2 to STANDBY (red light) and press EJECT to open the disc tray.
Insert the game into the disc tray and press EJECT or RESET to close the tray & boot the game.

Assuming the PS1 disc to be in the disc tray, put the PS2 into STANDBY mode (red light).
Hold RESET (until the blue EJECT light comes on) then release RESET. The game will boot.

Insert the DVD movie into the disc tray and put the PS2 into STANDBY (red light).
Hold RESET (until the blue EJECT light comes on) then release RESET.
If the Browser appears, select the gold disc and press X to complete the movie load.
Alternatively hold RESET for 5 seconds to turn the Messiah 2 off.

Insert AR2/v2, GS2/v2, or DVDRX into the disc tray and close the tray.
Hold RESET (until the blue EJECT light comes on) and then release to boot AR2/GS2/DVDRX.
Alternatively hold RESET for 5 seconds to turn the Messiah 2 off.
At the menu, select DVD MOVIE PLAYER and press X on the controller.
The disc tray will eject; remove AR2/GS2/DVDRX and out the out-of-region movie into the tray.
Press EJECT to close the tray and wait for a few seconds.When the Browser appears, select the gold disc and press X to complete the boot.

DISABLING THE MESSIAH 2 (e.g. PS1 anti-mod protected game)
Insert the relevant game into the disc tray and put the PS2 to STANDBY (red light).
Hold RESET for 5 seconds beyond the moment when the blue EJECT lamp comes on.
The game will then boot according to standard PS2 rules for the region concerned.
The Messiah 2 is disabled until it has been put back to STANDBY and booted normally.

Thanks for posting that Dallshead. I’ve decided to order a pre-chipped ps2 (probably with a Messiah 2), and now I’m just looking for a site that looks good to order one from.

Most ps2 chips now a days do direct boot of everything i have chipped hundreds or ps1s and a few ps2 with older chips if u get newer ps2 chips they r hard i have a good bit of ps1 chips left and a few ps2 chips left the best ones that r made and upgradeable but the new good chips i have r super hard to install i have a friend that will do it but id need the system sent to me and id have to send it to him so it would be kindof a hassle in shipping charges would make it a lot for u to send it and me send it to him and back and back again and most places charge a round 100 bucks to do a install and another 25 to install the ones i have cause they r very hard to do and the best ones plus the price of the chip on top of that and ones i have were $60. i can get him to do it for me and include the chip for a total of 150 but then again thats only good for people i know cause it would cost a good bit more givin the shipping charges. and their r a ton of places to get a ps2 with a chip already but most places r gona be like $350 or so. ur best bet in a chip also is a DMS3 or the new DMS4. and if u want a ps1 done for a super cheap price including the chip let me know im trin to get rid of the ps1 chips i have left they r also the best ps1 chips made for any version including the little psone and also i have the swap magic discs i could sell u a copy real cheap instead of buying the set and then all u would need to get is the slide card tool witch some sites sell by it self and u would save on the software. but i have never tried copying swap magic disks yet i never needed to and the bottom of them is very wierd like a lot of rings like break points in the disk kinda looks like a record so i dont know if they can be copyed but if u want me to try let me know. peace

Why on earth would he want to get a PS1 modded when he is planning on getting a modded PS2 (since your modded PS2 is also a modded PS1). Also, He can get a Pre-chipped DMS3 console from a reliable site for about $270-$300 shipped. Definitely much cheaper than buying a new PS2 and sending it off to get chipped.

i was just sayin i have some ps1 chips left and would get rid of them super cheap. and thats y i said it would be a lot to send it to me to send it out i wasnt planin on some one doin that i was just sayin about it.

Understandable. I was just pointing out that he was interested in the PS2 and I really wish you luck in ditching those PS1 chips.

Thanks for the offer PhIbErOpTiK, but I am ordering a pre-chipped PS2. I had a couple of chipped PS1’s, but I sold them a long time ago.

What I’m thinking about now is my Xbox. I have one, so I’m wondering how hard it is to install a chip in it? If it’s a real “chore”, I will just ebay mine and order a pre-chipped one. Is it very hard to install an Xbox chip?

Dude, just softmod your xbox. Currently, the UDE exploit will let your xbox do everything a chipped box can do. In fact, it’s easier to change/update bioses. Just ftp in a new .bin file.
I have a 40 gig drive in mine, playing backups from disk or hd.