Backing up PS2 Games, and, Modchip needed?



at this website is a guide on backing up ps2 games to be used on an un modded ps2, http://www.LINK_REMOVED.html i myself belive that this is not possible, but you guys are the veterians (spelling error?) so can you tell me how to do it, or point me to an excellent tutorial, also preferably a way to back them up with out needing a mod chip

thanks in advance


The site you linked to was more like a crack/hacking site…so your link was removed.


alright, sorry about that, but can you please direct me to a good tutorial for backing up PS2 games, and is it possible to do it without having a modchip installed


You can´t play a backup of PS2 without a Modchip.
And to copy your games use DVDDecrypter in iso mode to read and write


i thought so, well thanks any way


There is a thing called Swap Magic, thats not a mod chip ;).


…but from the experience from one of my friends, the “Magic Slide Card” or whatever it is called does not work with ANY backup 100% - he returned his one and now has a mod-chip, which works great for all purposes…


What are boot discs for
I have certainly seen ISO torrents for PS2 boot discs (which I assume where standalone from mod-chips/swap cards), I thought you burned to a CD/DVD, put in the drive, then it disabled the protection, and then you inserted the backup.

Ben :slight_smile:


Try downloading one they wont work not without a modchip anyway…


So whats the point of them at all?


Are mod chips legal?


You don’t need a modchip. You can just use Swap Magic 3 to run your backup, ive had one and had no problems with it.


there are several kinds of bood-discs - some are for enabling non-original-Sony Memory Cards, others are for other purposes like watching DVD movies with a new player or whatever - some of them might give you the chance to play a bakcup without a mod-chip, but the success rate is very low, 'coz in most cases you’ll need a “patched” image of the original game, which means as much as: you need to crack the game, illegaly, of course!

yes, but if you have one, your warranty of your PS2 is void - and if you want to play online, you should make sure to have a mod-chip that you can disable in some way, because some games won’t be able to play online as long as there is a chip active in your PS2…

by the way: i don’t like consoles, i never had one for myself and i definitely never will get one - what i wrote here is just information that i got from what i heard from friends…


how are the chances that you damage your PS2 'coz of the disc swapping while it’s turned on???
or damaging the disc-tray or whatever?!?


Get a flip-top case for your PS2 and you can swap the discs out easy. Swap Magic has worked ok for me.


and this shall be more easy and be cheaper than just installing a mod-chip? :wink:
just a question, this is absolutely not in my interest, 'coz i really dislike all kind of consoles… :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


The only good way is to get a modchip sure other ways will work but not as good …




Modchips are more expensive and so fiddly with all the soldering!! Swap magic is just so easy.


Has your swap magic 3 worked with all games that you’ve tried it with?