Backing up PS2 games a few problems

hey i am trying to back up my ps2 games i have a swap magic disk and a card, but my back dont run well they freeze all the time, and useing alchol 120% i can reduse the speed on it to try and fix it, can any 1 help me plz?

Burn them on good DVD-R media on 1x…good luck

I Use Dvd Decrypter Or Record Now Max And Copy At 2 Speed It Works Every Time

The speed is not really relevant for a good result i burn all my games at 4 or 8x speed (depends on the media] but for a playback without problems you need a perfect burn with very low error rates. I would suggest you to use high quality medias, such as tayio yuden in combination with DVDDecrypter in ISO mode.

I personally use at the moment Ritek G04 medias but they differ much in quality and the result is not perfect every time (freezing).

I have always used record now for ps2 backups never had a problem. As for disk i go for the darkest dye, at the moment i am using cheep arita discs these still work fine good luck.