Backing up ps2 game family guy help!

ok so i own the game (family guy) for the ps2 I know how to backup ps2 games and the done this succsessfuly… when I try to backup this game everything ive used stops at 78%

dvd decrypter stops at: 78%

nero: same

alcohol 120 stops at 77.6%

ive cleaned the disk thier are a few scratches (not bad)

please help

intel p4 3.2 ht 800 mhz fsb
intel d865 perl
1 gig ram
wd 160
plextor 716AL

Common guys, am I the only one who knows about this stuff.

It is most likely protected. If I remember right. You need a program like UltraIso. When you get that just extract all the files off the dvd. Now get Folder2iso. Convert the folder to a ISO and burn. If the game is proteced from booting just tell me and I will try to help you more.

hey thanks …could you give me a brief walk through on ultraiso extraction process…cuz what im doing is not working…