Backing up protected DVD

I want to make a copy for my own use of the dvd from Simply Red Home live in sicily. The only problem is, when using dvd decrypter of smartripper all the vob files are having hickups.
Can this be the copy protection ? And does anybody have the solution to bypass this protection.

Thanks in advance.

Try useing DVD Shrink it works well with nero 6 and works great if you have a writer and a reader installed shrink is a freeware so that makes if a great deal as well:) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Does shrink have a built in ripper ?
And if so are there no problems with the macrovision protection that is causing the hickups ?

No it will only decript and shrink then store all files on your hard drive then burn with what ever burner you have like i said i use nero 6 but 5 & 5.5 work just as well

Like I said the ripping is the problem. I’ve used dvd shrink, dvd decrypter en smartripper. All the same result the frames go back and forth. I think it is the macrovision protection.
And allthough i’m owning the original i’m unable to make a backup. Or is there someone with some usefull advice, i’m talking about the dvd from simply red home live in sicily.
I bought in a dutch store.

The macrovision used in DVDs is standard - there aren’t different versions of it yet.

You might try using DVDDecrypter again and set the read speed to 1X and see what you get.

Since Decrypter, Smart Ripper and Shrink have all three failed on the same disc it may be a bad original. Sometimes a disc will leave the factory that plays fine but causes errors when trying to rip it.

My pioneer is already limited to 2 speed. I’ll give it a try but i don’t think it’s the answer to the problem.


I would imagine that this is the new strains of copy protection coming into play…

Ok, you will have to disable autoplay etc… so that the DVD does not start up - as they all rely on a small low level driver that causes the problems.

If you can disable the autoplay function and/or hold down the shift key after insertion - you may get better results with the Decryption.

My friend is having similar probs with the latest DVD Decryptor - he tried my older version and it works fine!!!

Try getting hold of an older version of DVD Decryptor - if you cant mail me and I’ll put on my FTP for you!


MC :smiley:

How much older is your version ?
I’ve looked at google and hte oldest is
does that do the job ? If not you can mail me at

I’ve tried but i get an aspi fault so i downloaded force aspi which is supposed to install version 4.60 but still the same error and ripping results.


I’m away from my machine for a couple of days - so wont be able to mail you till Monday night at the earliest…

Dam that seems weird - not sure of my exact verison, but it has never failed me!!

I’ll mail it over to you on Monday night see how you get on! :smiley:

I’ll also pass you my MSN addy - I can chat to you whilst you are doing it then! :smiley:


Hi Dolf,
you can use CloneDVD and AnyDVD for copying protected DVDs. When you installed both you have to start any dvd and then clone dvd. Then the message that the dvd is protected no longer comes and you can easy burn