Backing up playstation game



I am new to this site. I joined this site only because there seems to be many educated people here.

I have just started to backup my PS collection, so you can lable me a "newbie".

Here is my problem....the first (and only so far) game that I have tried to back up using CloneCD was a victory if I just wanted the audio files only. I am not getting the most important part of the game....the game itself.

The game I decided to test with was a simple one -- Centipede.

My writer is a Yamaha 24x10x40 and I am using CloneCD version 4+ ( the newest download as of the date on this thread)

Can anyone help??? I am also looking for a step-by-step guide to copying all of my PS and PS2 games....any links out there?



Read: data subs; 8x
Write: buffer underrun protection; “Don’t repair…”

That’s all; check the must read links in my signature


the standard profile in clonecd for burning libcrypt seems to be ok


When dealing with PSX discs it’s a good idea to lower the read speed as FutureProof suggested. If you have an old PSX console, it can be picky with used media. Use proper media. I’ve found that Philips Silver Premium (don’t know if they’re still produced) works best for these old consoles. Also your console, of course, has to be modded to play back-ups.