Backing Up Playstation 2 games



I have a problem backing up PS2 games to a blanc DVD. I make an image with NERO - no problem - put in a blanc DVD in my Pioneer DVR-105 recorder - no problem - the burning goes well but when I want to check the backup in my PS2 it doesn’t read the DVD!

I also tried some other burning programs (clone CD, Copy to DVD) but none of them give the right result or…am I making a mistake?

Greetings CisGooseBay


Have you got a Mod chip installed as you will need one - Blank has a K in it :smiley:


Thanx for your reply Oriphus.

Yes I do have a mod chip in the PS2 but I think the problem isn’t the PS2, I think the problem is the way the backup is burned.

I think that, when I use Nero or Clone CD, something goes wrong during reading or writing of the DVD. I normally make an image on HD and after that I burn the backup DVD.

When I compare the bytes from the original with the backup there’s also some difference in it so maybe I “miss” something on the backup DVD but I choose DVD copy so what else can I do wrong?

I hope someone can explain to me how to make a real good working backup copy of PS2 games because they are very expensive and my youngest son already destroyed one game :frowning:

Greetings CisGooseBay


Try burning at a slower speed (maybe 1x if nessessary) and use good quality media.


Thanx petera for your reply but I already did that…someone asked me if the PS2’s maybe are copy protected but I wouldn’t know…I don’t have enough knowledge about protections on cd’s dvd’s PS2’s and that’s why I posted this thread.

I hope someone will find the solution.


Use Prassi Primo DVD or RecordNOw
or use Diskjuggler and it should work


I am having problems like yourself, I have copied a movie on DVD-r DVD-r/w DVD+r & DVD+r/w none will play in my playstation I did this since I was not sure which format to use to make my backups on. Am I doing something wrong I have tried Alcohol and nero and neither work. Which media format should I use and is there any thing else I can try?