Backing up Photos to dvd

[qanda]This thread is about the SanDisk 2 GB - SD - Ultra II - flash memory card. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]Hi,
Just upgraded from a Nikon D50 to a D90. What a nice camera. I’m having a problem archiving my photos with my HP - PC. (win XP SP3). I need a simple, fast and reliable way of pluging my SD cards into the PC and making a backup copy of the data. It would be best if I did not have to copy the data to the hard drive first as it is a painfully slow process for some reason (40 minutes for the 2gb card with approx. 250 files).

I have been in the habit of removing the SD card from the camera and making a cd backup before I began any image manipulation in Lightroom/Photoshop. This was not a problem with the D50 because I rarely exceeded the 700mb capacity of a cd.

The D90 is another story. I filled a 2gb card in an afternoon at the World of Wheels car show last Saturday. When I tried to burn a dvd with the internal LightScribe DVD writer using the Windows Disc Copy it would not work and kept asking for a cd in the drive. I had already inserted the dvd-r into the drive. I guess XP does is not able to create a data dvd. I then tried the Sonic program bundled with the PC which I use to make copies of my audio cd’s for the car. It made a copy but corrupted the data in some fashion so that if I try to open a picture in any program my PC locks up.

I also know that my internal card reader will not read SDHC cards. I know that I will need to migrate to 4 or 8 gig SDHC in the future. I have ordered a Sandisk external card reader for this prupose. I hope the external will bypass the bottleneck that slows the internal reader down.

The tech at Best Buy suggested Nero and I am downloading a trial version as I write this. It looks like overkill to me. Lots of features I will not ever use. He also suggested the Sony DVD writer and bypass the PC entirely. It got good reviews on Cnet but at $250 it is out of the question.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

You should be able do download IMGBURN (Free), and then have it copy the files from the SD card, to a cd or dvd…