Backing up PC games

I have the original of Rainbow 6 Ravenshild, and have played it using the no-cd crack. When i play it on the net (through ubisoft), it wont let me connect to some of the servers because it is recognising the fixed exe. So the only way to play it is by keeping the disc in the pc with the no-cd crack removed.
I want to copy this disc so i dont have to keep using the original. How can i do this?
So far i have only burnt DVDs, using dvdshrink and nero6 (on my liteon 451), and have no experience of burning games.


[li]Do not use no-cd cracks. They are illegal and not discussed on this forum.
[/li][li]The game uses safedisc 2.8 as its protection and your writer should be able to copy it successfully.
[/li][li]See this thread for how to do so