Backing-up PC Games

I am wanting to back up some of my PC Games and was wondering what all I need to do this and how to go about it?
The games in particular are The Sims Deluxe Edition and The Sims2(Although I have others id like to back-up as well).
Can anybody point me towards some freeware that will do this for me?
I know the information is out there but it seems the more I read the more confusing it all gets…
I have Already tried backing a few PC games up already with CloneCD,Alcohol 120,Blindwrite,etc… and while it says that I have copied and burned successfully there are a few glitches that say other wise.
I also used A-Ray scanner to find out what protection is being used on the games…It says SafeDisc 2/3 is detected.
I have went through the archive here(and on other sites)and followed the instructions of what others said worked for them but they don’t for me.

Can anybody help walk me through this?
Any help would be greatly Appreciated
Thank You

Check for the exact SafeDisc version using Protection ID and then take a look at our backup guides in the sub-forum how you create a working copy.

Edit: Just noticed you already posted in the newbie forum. Don’t crosspost and continue in your original thread. This one is closed.