Backing up on DVDRW media, advice wanted

What would you think of this burn for a data backup scenario?
This a second rewrite on this disc which is actually a better burn than the first burn. On the disc info pic: I don’t know why it reports that it was burned on a Sony but it wasn’t. :confused: All I ever did was get Codeking’s latest firmware for the 832S and applied Omnipatcher’s recommended strategies to it. BTW, the CPU usage is due to Folding@Home.
I paused folding to check the % at the spot you see.
I think it’s marginal but the ‘scan disk’ pic says different at the media’s max speed. Also, I’m not sure if CD-DVD Speed is reporting the PO errors correctly or not. There is a separate entry in window(s) for those type of errors.
I don’t know for sure what to think of this media. I really could use some recommendations for -RW or +RW for backup situations. Sorry in advance for the horizontal scrolling but when I tried to resize I got artifacts in the images and the originals were too big in size so bear with me on the outside links. They should show up fine though.

A piece of advice for future pic posting:

When you’ve done your scans etc, click the little floppy icon in the top right hand corner of the window, and save your scan as a .png file. Then upload as usual.

Scrolling across the screen to see huge pics is slightly annoying. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t use it for important data (but then, for me that applies to any kind of RW disc)…I’d write to a quality -/+R for that. :slight_smile:

And I believe if you create the disc in CD-DVD Speed (or it’s an -R) then it will come up as “Written with Sony…”, if you have a LiteOn.

Edit: I’m no expert, BTW!

I’d write to a quality -/+R for that.

I don’t want to waste +R or -R for backups. I want to use RW. Backups change very frequently for me. Think about it, once one uses ‘write once’ that’s it. It ends up in the city dump and doesn’t decompose unless they maybe burn it. Multiply that by a million at minimum. :disagree: It’s already bad enough I’m having to test beforehand to see if the media even works good in burner.

I see where you’re coming from. I guess if I had to use RW discs, they’d be Verbatim ones.

But hey, someone more experienced than me may come on and say the disc is fine for backup purposes, so don’t take my word as truth, it’s just my personal experience/opinion. :wink:

I agree on Verbatim for cd-rw. I just bought some 16-24x rw and they are awesome on the first burns. Just hope they are just as good when re-writing. See here .
I wasn’t too sure about the dvd side of their business though. I need more feedback. Money is too scarce now thanks to the oil mafia so I can’t go in blind on different media.

You can also have scans like these with low quality rw’s. Just try some Taiyo Yuden media, you’ll see your scan would be different. And Yuden media is almost good with the most burners available today. That’s just my opinion. For very important data this disc would end for me in the garbage.

In the long run it would be better backing up frequently changing data to another hdd, even an external, and given how cheep external enclosures and add an internal hdds are this is not too much of a task.

Unfortunately DVD-RW technology realy is not upto par, people have had discs that are supposed to be re-writable 1000 times as it said on the case die after 25 uses.

Yeah, for important backups, I use Taiyo Yuden CD/DVDRs for one set :iagree:

Verbatim DVDRW is very good, better than what you’re using currently.

What JayC also says is true, though - so I usually tend to use DVD-RAM…but unfortunately, your Litey won’t read or write that.

As JayC30 says , the lifetime of a RW disk is much shorter than claimed by the manufacturer. I’ve had some Verbatim 4X +RW suddenly fail after 10 or so burns which is very disappointing. Fortunately my backups go to HD not DVD RWs.

With an 832 unfortunately you can’t use the better Verb 6x -RW or Ricoh’s 8x +RW as there’ll be no firmware support for them.

Alright I can’t seem to find any higher speed than 2x for Verbatim RW and TY, I’m not too sure which labels it falls under now. I was hoping to find Verbatim at at least 4x. Even that is a bit slow but I can live with it since it’s the max for burner but 2x ? :disagree:
Mind sharing the appropriate online sources? I already checked newegg unless TDK is a good brand? No way of knowing without trying but again the money situation.

With an 832 unfortunately you can’t use the better Verb 6x -RW or Ricoh’s 8x +RW as there’ll be no firmware support for them.

Meaning what? I know it can’t go to their max speed but shouldn’t it be able to burn at 4x on those?

Are you in the US? A lot of folk on that side of the pond use :slight_smile:

@[B]Ton80[/B]: please next time use a thread title actually reflecting your question :wink:

If the firmware can’t recognise the media it doesn’t know how to burn it properly , will only offer a default burn speed & write strategy which will be 2.4 for you.

Also the Ricoh’s are classified as High Speed and just not suitable for a slow speed burner. The Verb 6x are apparently suitable for 4x burners but without the firmware support will probably give you worse burns (at 2.4x) than you get now.

Thanks for the link, Arachne. Didn’t know about that one.

If the firmware can’t recognise the media it doesn’t know how to burn it properly , will only offer a default burn speed & write strategy which will be 2.4 for you.

Thanks for the info.

Sorry about the topic title.

Backing up on RW is still a risk, it’s smaller if you have the right burner/firmware/media combination however…

For RW media the golden rule counts even more: Use reliable media!

Wouldn’t you be better using DVD-RAM?

:iagree: And I’ll add: perform a [I]full erase[/I] every 5-6 burns. It really helps.

Yup, forgot that.

Thanks Francksoy!

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@Chef : :cool: - thanks

I use DVD+RW and DVD-RW a lot, but only to watch television shows. I found that using a good brand helps, but it is no guarantee.
My Verbatim 6x DVD-RW work excellently with my LG 5163D burner, but when I burned them with my new BenQ 1655, playback started skipping and losing sync. This after doing several full erase cycles.
Using the same drive that burned the disc to read it back (in stead of a standalone player, like in my case) will almost certainly work better. Still, I would not trust important data to rewritable media, no matter what brand. As suggested before, DVD-RAM is better for that purpose.