Backing up on bd9

wot do you think iv back up my blu rays dun a few bd 9 at 1080p

no sub

tick box no hd audio

barn at 2.4x verbatim HL-DT-ST BD-RE BH08LS20

to play on my samsung bd p 150

some of the freeze now and then or i might loose audio for a secod or two

wot i tend to do if its a 20gb or round about file then i do a bd 9 and if it over 20gb file then i go for bd 20

should i use bd 25s

is any body else having this

Hi cha333,
No I don’t have that problem, and it’s probably because I don’t compress.

If your BD disc is at 20GB, rip it to your HDD in full disc mode, then burn it to a 25GB disc

if your disc is more than 25GB than you can strip out unnecessary subs with tsMuxer.

Again using full disc mode.

And for your burn, I would suggest that you use ImgBurn as your burn engine, you will find the link below.