Backing up of kaoreoke discs

am totally new to clone cd.I need the idiot’s guide to backing up my kaoreoke collection.From which medium, ie is it a data disc or whatever.A step by step guide would be most appreciated.I keep ending up with audio only discs no matter what I do

Hello, I spend a week digging into this. The simplest thing is go to TriceraSoft

That tool will read your Karaoke disk, and convert/break it up into 2 seperate files (the audio part (Mp3 or wav) and the video part (cdg) ). If you choose mp3, it can save upto 10 times the space - so you can back up 10 times as many songs on 1 cd-r. I use Winamp to play Karaoke. After using the tool and ripping to hard drive, if winamp sees a filename .mp3 with the exact same named file cdg, it thinks Karaoke and brings up the video player!

Anyway, good luck!