Backing up new CD's

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my sister got her new Hilary Duff album for her birthday and she wants to back it up. I told ok Il do it, but when you open the contents of the Cd the songs are all 44 bytes, this is very weird so I changed it from WInamp media file to Windows media player, nothing changed. guys, can you tell me how to solve this very easy pblem?

Windows explorer will show 44 bytes for audio tracks. I think all you need to do is ‘rip’ the music to your hard drive first. Or, you could just do a one to one copy as long as you have another CD drive.

y I m gonna do a rip I couldve figured it out but 1 tot 1 copies come as 44 bytes too believe me I tried lol
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To rip the tracks to your hard disk drive you will need a program, not just copy paste the tracks with windows explorer.

There is a bunch of such programs that can do the job, i suggest EAC.

Winamp 5, only it rips to AAC 2X or somethin, I need to buy Pro for MP3, you guys know if I can change it to MP3 and burn it as audio file?

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No need to convert it to MP3 and then burn it as wav, you will definetely lose on quality. Dont use winamp for this. Try EAC, hell even Nero might do it.

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Try EAC, hell even Nero might do it.

No problem ripping to .wav with nero. No plug-ins required. Could also try the freeware Cdex which will rip to .wav by simply clicking one button (can’t get much easier than that :slight_smile: ).

I ripped it and burnt it with Winamp and everything worked so np.

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