Backing up neverwinter nights

Can’t get a working copy of the nwn play disk. Using clonecd version have used the normal game profile and also securom new for lite on, and still no go. Have also tried uninstalling and re installing but still no go? burner and reader used is the lite on 48125w Any help would be great.

use the search this was beat a long time ago. The search button is an amazing thing

I can’t remember if this game has an ATIP check as part of it’s protection or not…but if it does and you’re playing from a burner, then you’ll need to enable the “Hide CDR Media” option in CloneCD if you haven’t already done so.

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Thanks for the warm welcome, FutureProof. :slight_smile:

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abit strange then that i made a working copy of warcraft three using my lite on burner… I’ll have to get a better reader i guess.

Possibly, but then again the copy protection has been removed from the latest patch, so even a non-perfect backup is ok then.

I used my old burner, a crappy sony CRX140 E to read the image using clone cd then wrote the image to a cd with my lite on. Funny that… Thought the lite on would have been a better reader than that… Tried it with all three disks, installed the whole game with the copies to confirm. :confused:

lite-on writers are not very good subchannel readers. (although when i backed up WC3 full speed on my 24102b - standard game profile, I had no problems with verification)
There is a profile you can download from one of the sticky threads in this forum which helps a bit - (see liteon securom new profile)

I just made a profile through clony xxL, and that worked a treat…

Maybe I’ve overlooked something here, my bad. But is your last post regarding NWN or WC3?

My last post refers to NWN, but WC3 has the same protection on it, so my guess is it would work as well. In my case using my sony crx140E to read the image and then my liteon to burn to cd… good luck

Thanks for the information orbitL