Backing up Neverwinter Nights & The Thing

The problem CD in NWN seems to be CD #3. The first set of copies I made, I didn’t check for Securom new. The game installs fine but doesn’t start. After patching it, the game starts with my CloneCD backup of CD #3 - even without the ClonyXXL profile for a Securom protected CD.

When I re-copied CD #3 with the ClonyXXL profile for a Securom protected CD, I had no problems both installing and running with CD #3, on the patched and unpatched versions.

The Thing - made a coaster on that when I didn’t bother checking for Securom. After that, I got a new profile with ClonyXXL and managed to make a working backup.

But I don’t see why anyone would want those games anyway. Both of them suck. The Thing’s 3rd person perspective sucks as compared to the 1st person that is so much more immersive. I would have been completely addicted if The Thing was released as a FPS like AvP.

Neverwinter Nights clumsy camera where you get annoying buildings blocking your view of a fight or have to wait for ages while your slow character runs to the next door makes the game such a turn off. I much preferred the Bioware Infinity engine for such RPGs like previous games.

Incidentally, I’m running a LTR-40125S drive with ZS0K firmware.

Patchin the game is illegally modifying its software. evenif you own the original.

Such actions are not allowed on this forum. Please respect our rules, topic closed.


By patching I mean an official patch released from the company website. Please stop assuming people are crooks before giving them the benefit of the doubt.

To patch the game, just start the launcher and click on ‘Update’. Or go to the company website and click on download. Geez man.

Here is the list of changes in the patch. I underlined a certain relevant section for those who might be inclined to mistakenly assume like da_taxman that I am a crook.

[I]Neverwinter Nights v1.24
Here are the fixes in this patch:

  • added an optional larger font
  • several multiplayer optimizations
    - SecureROM compatibility issues have been
  • added Toolset waypoint painting
  • several game stability improvements
  • fixed some multiplayer exploits
  • Contest of Champions module included
  • added code to prevent non-NWN files from
    corrupting modules in the Toolset
  • Creatures will now use their spell-like
    abilities again
  • fixed the issue with plot items being dragged
    directly into an inventory bag

For further details, please see the NWNv124.txt
file in your Neverwinter Nights directory.

Please visit the Neverwinter Nights Community
Site at -[/I]

I stand corrected (good thing I closed it instead of deleting it).

However, I do want to make a comment to you, instead of starting a new thread you should have contacted me through PM.

I thought about that. But the accusation was public, so the exoneration should have been public as well.