Backing Up Natl. Treasure

I am backing up my copy of Natl. treasure and I was wondering which file I
should back up with DVD Shrink? Title #1 or Title #3 ?
I hate to have the kids trash the original copy as they would do otherwise.
Thanks, Budzos

Title 1 (Title 1 is usually always the right choice).

view the 2 in dvdshrink. usually one is wide screen and the other is not.

Not always. I have the R2 and it also has two titles with the same audio. The DVD just has the widescreen version. Anyway, title 1 is the right one.

Thanks for all the reply"s. I wasn’t sure since both title1 and title3 seemed to be identical
in size and content. It seems unusual that there would be 2 identical movies on 1 disc.
If anybody notices whats different between these 2 titles please post it so I can tell what I missed.
Thanks, Budzos