Backing Up National Treasure

Hi everyone,
I’m new at this backing-up thing so please excuse my ignorance.I’ve been using DVDshrink + Nero and backed up about ten movies/music dvd’s without any problem.When I did a back-up of National Treasue (UK Region 2 version) it seemed to be o.k. and got no error messages,but when I played it back I got a voice over describing what was going on in the screen(Obviously for blind/visually impaired people).I tried to change things in the menu but it won’t accept my attempts.Any ideas anyone? Thanks
My recorder is a Pioneer 109,running on Win98SE.

Hi musicmatt - welcome to the forum.

Firstly I have backed up National Treasure (PAL R2) with no problem. What I think has gone wrong is you have selected the wrong audio track when shrinking the movie. Personally I have not used DVDShrink, but I am sure someone who has will tell you how to select the correct track. It could be you have selected the DTS track and if you don’t have a DTS compliant player, it will default to any other audio track on the disc. Other thought is that you have included all the tracks and all you have to do is press the audio button on you dvd player.

I could suggest you try other programs, but you seem to be going okay with what you have got, once you get over this wee problem.

it is a common error with DVD schrink.
after you ripped the movie, you did a backup.
you have not checked all boxes for the sound and it is why you have a backup with the comment only.

you have to be very careful with DVD schrink.
My father sent me a US movie in polack!what a deception!

hope this help!

btw, if you right click on the main moie, you can choose your sound preference and when you inser your DVD backup, the langauge you have selected will start without configuring your DVD standalone player.

Hello again,
Thanks for your quick replies.I’ll have another look at it again tonight.Just to clarify things,I still get the full audio track,but with this commentary between the actors talking,or when its a visual scene only (chases etc)