Backing up my game collection

In the past i have backed up my DVD collection to my hard drive using DVD shrink .
Is it possible to do the same with my PS3 games?
I know nothing about PS3 games, are they on CD or DVD ?

a simple yes / no would of been fine

PS3 games are on Blu-Ray discs and can’t be copied at all.

Thanks for the reply - eventually ,
Can X - box 360 games be copied?

[QUOTE=xmarksthespot;2216205]Can X - box 360 games be copied?[/QUOTE]Yes, you need a Chip- or Firmware-modded console and a special Samsung DVD-ROM drive
with modded Firmware to extract the games.

Maybe you wanna do a Forum search for keywords [I]XBox+Kreon[/I] - eventually :wink: