Backing up my FFX

Hey everyone, this is my first post and i’m happy to be here, you’ll have to excuse me for my english, it’s not my native languege. Alright then, i read all the FAQ and all the rules, and i think this kind of posts are allowed and Ok, if not, please do tell.

I have bought a chip for my PS2, I bought a DVD burner, and I bought my own original legal version of FFX (Final Fantasy X) and i can’t seem to be able to back it up. iv’e tried more than 7 programs, all failed at 52%, and i’m desperate. I was able to backup all my other games with no problem, but this one - impossible. A friend gave me his version of FFX, and the same problem accured, so it’s not just my disc.
In one of the progams it writes: ID CRC or ECC error

The programs i used:
Clone CD
Clone DVD
Instant CD\DVD
Padus Disc juggler
DVD decrypter
Game X Copy
Alchohol 120%
Easy Cd creator

I am desperate, please help.

Perhaps a dual-layer with a “hidden” 2nd layer ???

Originally posted by 420
Perhaps a dual-layer with a “hidden” 2nd layer ???

No it’s a one layer dvd.

Lord_magneto, how do u make your backups?? Do u make a image 1st, or on the fly??