Backing up my dvd's



I want to back up my dvd’s. I am starting from scratch, exactly which programs can I download for free to backup my dvd’s. I read about anydvd and the shrinks and decrypters but I would like to know which ones do I need and what are the steps to back them up. Do these programs talk to each other or do I have to do something else.:doh:


The following link is one option. Posts #67 - #74, but please also read post #78 & ask any questions you have here.




No worries, you are welcome. Let us know how you do. Just to start you off.


thx again, I posted another question I’m not sure exactly how this works, I did not know if I should use this same one or another. Anyway I have a movie on my computer that I want to put on disc. I need a program that is free that can write the movie to disc.


What format is the file, the extension tells us, .AVI, .ISO, VIDEO_TS which contains, .IFO, .BUP & .VOB. This is one of the other programs mentioned in that thread.