Backing up my data should backup recycler

Hi everyone , this is a begginer question about Nero express data backups
I use nero express ( the barebones version that came with my benq and LG)
I regularly backup my personally created data in My Documents
I drag and drop the first fourteen folders in the disc content screen and then In the files and folders screen I hold shift and highlighted ten more folders
My question is should I also backup the documents and settings folder and something called recycler ( I don’t even know what it is ) :confused:
Thank You

Recycler is the name given to the recycle bin on an NTFS partition IIRC (FAT 32 here).

Thank You Dr Teeth for that information its very much appreciated
So in the case when I make my intial my docs backup , either empty the recycle bin and include it in the backup or instead of holding shift key while highlighting hold ctrl key and eliminate it from the initial backup all togehter …

I’d check the bin and resotre anything you want to keep before you backup.
Personally, I would not backup the recycle bin at all…it’s like storing your trash <g>.

Ok great thats what I will do
thanx ! DrTeeth