Backing up my copy of the sims 2

I just bought the sims 2, and i scratched it already. id like to make a backup in case i mess it up more. I’ve found quite a few threads relating to this and i followed them, but i think what my problems are, are my burner, and the media type i am using. I used clonecd (latest one) and alcohol 120% (latest as well). The media i burned on is a dvd+rw. brand is sony. I didn’t want to make tons of coasters while i am attempting this. i just tried clonecd and i get brought to the sims 2 logo and it just hangs. i have the hide cd-r media already chkekd. btw my burner and reader is a hp dvd writer dvd200j, pretty old. sorry if this is in the wrong forum. dont know where to put it. thanks for the help

Is this the DVD or CD Version?

oh, yeah it is the dvd version of it

ok, it’s a dvd - and i guess the dvd is protected with Safedisc for DVD as the CD version has Safedisc, also.
In this case, a real backup is not possible, but what you could do is just read an image with alc 120 and mount it in the alcohol’s v-drive - this should work, 'coz the v-drive emulates the SD-DVD copy protection very well… :wink:

oic…that worked when i tried it with daemon tools… i wish i could make a real backup. is there anytime possible with newer software i can make a real back up of it? and btw when i burned it installed, but when i tried to play it didnt it just hanged…

short answer is: no, depending on the DVD-RW-Hardware(!) backups are not possible atm. this is the point where CD-R was long time ago, when the first safedisc was released - the hardware had just not all that features and abilities to backup the “unreadable” sectors…

if the hardware could do it, the software would not be the problem… :wink:

of course, your copy installs - there is no check for the original disc while installation - and on safedisc for DVD there is another mechanism than on CD, you could even backup the DVD with the windows explorer (copy all content to HDD, burn it back to DVD using any software) and it would install…

oh i see… so basically ill need a new burner in the near future to burn it… :confused: bah… ill just assemble a new computer then :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for al lthe help

until now it was never officially said if a dvd burner capable of backing up protections like Safedisc (both for DVD) will ever be released - maybe the software developers (especially the ones developing games and protections) were quick enough to stop this development…
we will see…

Hi everybody,
I’ve got a problem backing up my SIMS2 Holiday Edition.
I copied all 4 CDs by using Alcohol120% with
a Plextor PX712A (CD & DVD burner).
I installed the game from copies but when I run it I get
error when I use the copy and runs OK with original Disc 1
in the drive.
I did the burning for Disc 1 with original runing at x1 speed.

Please Help,