Backing up my 360 games

Let me first start by saying that im sorry for asking this… but i cant find any answers when i look through the forum. now that that is out of the way here we go…

i just got my xbox 360 flashed so i can play backup copies of my games(wink wink)

i want to make copies of my games but i don’t know where to start. i downloaded xbox backup creator onto my laptop but i don’t know what to do after that. i have been reading something about a samsung drive??? do i need to buy an external dvd drive from samsung with keron firmware on it.??? do i have to connect my xbox to my laptop??? i cant find anywhere online, step by step instructions to do this procedure.

here is what i have…
flashed xbox 360
xbox backup creator

what do i need now?
what do i do now?
i am sure these questions have been asked about 600 times before but i can’t seem to find the answers that i am looking for…
please assist me, i would appreciate any help that anyone can provide for me… thank you in advance … :bow:

Download IMG BUrn
setting>write>Layerbreak>user specified “1913760” important !!!
pop in a dl disk.
select .dvd file.
burn at 2.4x

can i use my laptop for this??? can u give me a little more detail?? thank you ramaa

sure you can .
what drive u have in the laptop

if your using XBox Live it’s strongly recommended you use the newest firmware (which is v1.5 for Samsung/BenQ/Lite-On) AND use the application called abgx360 to make sure your .ISO is patched properly to minimize chances of being banned on xbox live. (it comes with a .pdf that tell’s you what to do… and if you dont use or care about xbox live then this program (abgx360) is not necessary to use)

also, if you want to make your own backup’s it’s a good idea to buy a Kreon drive (u can get em on ebay for around 50 bucks) BUT if you got a Samsung in your XBox360 you can use that to make backup’s of your original discs but it requires re-flashing it to xtrm0800.bin firmware which allows it to be read in windows with the XBC (XBox Back Creator) application… but like i say, using the Samsung drive in the XBox360 itself aint really practical since everytime you want to backup a game you would have to open the system up and re-flash it etc etc.

p.s. i personally burn @ 4x as i get better burns that way vs 2.4x according to Kprobe.

p.s. what ramaa said above aint necessary to do (about the “setting>write>Layerbreak>user specified “1913760” important !!!” ) cause when you load the .dvd file it contains all that info for you already… it’s only if you dont have a .dvd file that what he said would be required… although it wont hurt anything if you do what he said.

thank you guys for the help, i have a DVD DL lightscribe drive that came with my laptop… thats all i have. can i still make backup copies with this laptop burner.

i have an hp 9000 laptop. it’s 2yrs old i think

Ya sure you can
I think i have the same laptop lol, just try it and let us know

best of luck