Backing up music



Can anyone tell me what is best for backing up mp3 files.
Would it be cd-r,dvd or a thumb flash drive.



If you back them up to CD-R they will play in most DVD players and a lot of car stereos and portable CD players, downside is a couple hundred songs max per disk. A DVD holds a lot more (about 6X as many) but there are fewer playback options. Thumb drives are really convenient but certainly cost the most.


Thanks alot olyteddy.:slight_smile:


I back them up on DVD. You should be able to pick up a DVD player that will play MP3s for about US$25. Use your favorite “data dvd” creator to add files, burn, and you’re set! While this method doesn’t get you playing in your vehicle, many of the new “car theatre” systems that play DVDs will play MP3 DVDs.