Backing up Music / Concert DVD's

Hi all, I’m a newbie to the forums, and I use a liteon SOHW-1633s flashed to bsoh, along with nero 6 ultra (nero recode 2 mostly) to lay it down.

I have a question on backing up concert videos that have the LPCM audio format (seems like most music dvd’s do). You can’t compress LPCM so I can either burn the show to 2 discs, burn only the main movie with LPCM, burn the entire disc to 1 leaving off the LPCM so it will fit, or use dual layer disc (which I am shying away from because they are expensive and hard to find so far).

I know LPCM can’t be compressed by nero recode…And I want to try to get it all down on 1 disc, so I have a few questions…

Is the LPCM audio that much better than the dolby? In other words, is it worth it get the LPCM audio on the disc? Or is the dolby about as good ?

Is any other proggie out there shrink LPCM (like dvd shrink, etc.?)

What do the audiophiles in here think, is LPCM that much better, that I should include it?

lpcm is good quality, but dolby is surround, it depends if what you are watching it on has surround or just 2.1.

ben :slight_smile:

ps. i just use clonedvd, not compress/remove anything other than video, the video quality suffers, but all the features are still there including audio tracks.

pps. i dont know of a dvd-9>dvd-5 that can compress lpcm audio and retain menus etc.