Backing up Music and converting FLAC to WAV

Hi guys,

I am kinda new here. I have 2 queries.

  1. Few weeks ago i ripped an Audio CD to FLAC. Its an old Audio CD “Trance AllStars Worldwide Vol. I”. Now i used EAC and ripped it to FLAC as i was gonna listen to it on my laptop only. Now my friend took that cd while he was going for a highway trip. And as i am also going to hills these holidays i want to take that CD. Now what i want to do is convert the FLAC to WAV. I will burn it on a DVD as my car has a JVC AVX22 headunit.

  2. Second query is related to back up. I am running out of Disc Space converting my Audio CDS to WAV. Now i wanna back up those WAV files onto DVDs or CDs. I dont want more scratches on the Original Audio CDS.

Now i can back the files up easily but what i want is to have a catalogue so that i know what i have backed up so far and in which DVD/CD contains what stuff. So that if i ever want to listen to them on my laptop while on the move i can just take out the right DVD and listen them.

On an Average i have 192KBPS MP3, AAC from itunes and WAV so it will be difficult to mark all the DVDS with its contents.

So is there any software that can Catalogue the contents of those DVDS ?

Hope i have posted in the right section.


Instead of going through the process of converting your FLAC files to WAV you can use an application such as Burrrn to burn audio CDs from your FLAC files.

You could also use less disk space backing up your FLAC files as opposed to WAV and you wouldn’t lose any quality.