Backing up multiple episodic Blu Ray?



Got a Blu Ray movie, Afro Samurai Directors Cut - Region B, that has 5 episodes on a single layer Blu Ray. Using BD Rebuilder to back up just the ‘movie’ it seems to go OK as it does not re-encode the video but then compresses the audio for some reason? The 5 episodes are in separate m2ts files which are about 4.2GB each.

The whole disc is too big to make a 1:1 backup on a BD-R or BD-RE so wanted just the episodes but BD Rebuilder keeps converting the audio, the 5 episodes take up 20.3GB which fits a BD-R or BD-RE without re-encoding anything.

Tried TSMuxer and that seemed to work but created an iso 20GB+ in size with a 20GB+ m2ts file but only the first episode would play?

What is the best program/procedure to backup an episodic Blu Ray?


Figured it out, seems it’s a ‘feature’ of BD-RE discs to have a smaller capacity, something to do with ‘spare areas’ on the disc for error correction/bad sectors or some such rubbish!

Any way, if I rip to an image using AnyDVD HD + IMGBURN and set an option in IMGBURN Tools > Settings > Write > ‘Prefer Format Without Spare Areas’ and do a Quick Format of the BD-RE the image will then fit on the BD-RE disc without any re-encoding :slight_smile:

The disc plays in my PS3, all extras and all 5 episodes playback fine.