Backing up Mechwarrior 4: Vengence

whats up guys, i have clone cd version: I’m trying to make a working backup of MW4 . So far i have some great beverage coasters. I have a Sony CRX195A1. Will my drive even make the backup succesfully? DO i need to switch the firmware somehow? I read somewhere that you can go to A1 to E1. Please help me out.


Which protection does this game use? Scanned it with ClonyXXL yet? Please give us some more information so we may help you further. Also check out the supported hardware list over at Elby’s. Which writer do you have? I see no mentioning of the 195A1 drive, but the E1 drive is based on Lite-On drives. If yours is too then you will be able to copy this game since I suspect it uses SafeDisc 2 (don’t know the version though)

Hope this helps you I Just scaned with clony xxl 2006.
Disc 1 = safedisc alt
Disc 2 = safedisc v2.xx

Regards Ukunz :smiley:

Mechwarrior 4 is just Safedisc 1 regardless of what Clony says.
It only detects it as safedisc 2 because of the files present.
These files are also used in SD1


Hi guys,

Clony says CD1 is SD1 and CD2 is SD2.

However this is not true as they are both SD1.

To back it up I used my Ricoh 7200A burner firmware 1.30.
I used CloneCD and used standard SD2 settings (if you don’t know what they are use the search feature on this forum and search for “CloneCD profiles”)

I am able to play the backup version in both my CD-writer and in my DVD-drive without the use of “Hide CDR Media” in my CD-writer.

One last thing I read both discs at max speed also max speed during writing.

Doesn’t this game use Safecast as well?

i had a problem with my Samsung burner backing up MW4.

When i went to record it the 1st disc would play but not install when burned with CCD ( i beleive), then the second disc wouldn’t install either…

So i was desperate and i burned a copy of both discs in Roxio’s Easy Coaster(CD) Creator 5, and they installed but wouldnt play

soo a roxio copy of disc one and two and a clonecd copy of disc one and yay they work