Backing up "man on fire"

I’ve been having problems backing up my copy of Man on Fire with just about every program I have tried: DVDshrink, DVD decrypter, clonedvd2 all with anyDVD running in the background.

here are the error messages. the disc is in good condition; it doesn’t appear to be dirty or anything.

What versions of DVD Decrypter & AnyDVD are you using?

DVD Decrypter

Sounds like your the first copy media was garbage and now your getting to many read errors and thats why your having a problem. Do a check to see how many read error it has. What brand is the first media?

it’s a retail disc… I didn’t mean “my copy of Man on Fire” literally. :o

Return it and get another one. If it isn’t scratched or dirt you just got a defective disc. :slight_smile: Cause I haven’t read or seen any problems backing up that disc. Good luck with your next one. :slight_smile:

but I can play it in PowerDVD just fine… it’s only when I try to copy it there is a problem.

What are you using for a reader? Have you tried updating your firmware?
I have seen retail disc (not many) that played fine but I couldn’t b/u them with my liteon DVD-rom and I return them and got a new one an it worked.

lite-on 1633s modded BS0S firmware

I haven’t had problems b/u’ing any other retail discs with it so far.

ive had the same problem with certain original DVD’s. They play fine in my player but can’t even get some to read in my DVD player. Just depends on the DVD.

I have the same problem with that disk. Read errors.

@ blicket,

I take it with your recent posting statement that you are having problems making a Back Up copy of “Man On Fire”.

Could you be gracious and reveal exactly what software/versions you are using when attempting to make you Back up copy of “Man On Fire”.

I can confirm that SlySoft ( AnyDVD v5.2.6.1 and CloneDVD v2.8.4.1will make a Back Up copy of “Man On Fire” without any problems.

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I didn’t have any trouble with backing up “Man on Fire,” as I believe at that time I used DVDDecrypter 3520 to decrypt and then used my copy of 1clickdvdcopy to reauthor/compress it to SL DVD media. Played like a charm. :slight_smile:

My fourth disc of my FireFly boxed set PLAYED fine, but had so many read errors that not even my VERY TOLERANT combo drive downstairs could rip all the way through it. Looking at it in the light revealed a slight discoloration in the substrate. Who knows if that was the problem or not… but I returned it and got another that ripped JUST FINE.

It just happens sometimes. Take it back to the store if you got it recently, otherwise… uh… oops?

A Cyclic redundancy error means that your CD ROM can’t read the info you’re asking it to read from the disc you supplied. You could be using bad media or a scratched and damaged disc.

Try cleaning the disc.

Welcome to the wonderful world of RAW versus COOKED… and of software versus hardware error correction. There’s a byte or two that the ROM just can’t read, but that’s ok because there’s boatloads of error correction on the disc. You can still watch it just fine, but you’ll never get the DATA from that sector, preventing you from making a working copy.