Backing up Madden 2006

I’ve tried a couple of different walkthroughs on this site (very helpful and well moderated, btw) to burn myself a backup of Madden 06.
First tried Alcohol in combination w/ BWAbuilder and twinpeak’s program to patch the image, burned it to a cd which could trip the autorun, but after clicking play the program just hangs. I think that the protection is Safedisc, though(A-Ray Scanner wasn’t sure), and the guide for that method was aimed at breaking…something else, name slips my mind.
Second try: CloneCD. Worked to the same point, but rather than hanging it closed itself and offered to send an error report. This was before turning on “Hide CDR Media,” and it turns out that in CloneCD 5 the “Hide CDR Media” option is disabled in the US, according to the help file, so that’s no good. Is there any way to enable the CDR hiding? Is there another way to do all this that will be more likely to work? relative novice at all this… 1st post in these forums…
as far as I can tell, my CD drive is a “HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4241N” but I don’t know what the hell that means.

I had the same problem copying Madagascar and went to that forum there is a lot of information there but the short answer is try anydvd thats what worked for me