Backing up Lost TV series

Hi guys.

When backing up TV series how do we know what episode is what.

For instance: a dvd like lost has special features which include episodes with commentary.

I just don’t know how to burn them in the correct order, as it is not very apparent.

ie episode 1 - 4

Any on else run into this?


Just do a Search there plenty of users who asked similiar questions as you did.

The best thing to do with a episodic dvd like Lost is to burn the whole dvd, just to make sure you dont cut out anything.
For tv series, i usually use:
[B]Ripit4me[/B] to rip and clean, (You might fing [B]Dvdfab decrypter [/B] easier to use)
[B]Dvd Shrink[/B] to compress, using Deep Analysis option,
then your favorite burner, such as Nero.

ive done some of Lost in the past. the above steps produce good results.

@ coolcolors,
Might have been nice if youd at least given a newbie a few keywords to Search for, IMHO.
Wow, compared to other forums, i find this one tough on newbies, at least in my experience.

Yes, I’m afraid in the Newbie forum we expect a little more helpful advice advice than “Do a search…” :iagree:

If you use DVD Shrink in reauthor mode, then you can preview the titles, and even the audio tracks, to see/hear what being backed up.

Thanks for the tips guys.

The multi-episode tv disks are often times so large that I don’t like to compress them with Shrink. The final result isn’t very good in my opinion. With those, I just bite the bullet and use dual layer disks (Verbatim only).

The dl disks are expensive, yes, but far less than having to buy the series again if you ruin one of the originals.

It is possible to pick out the episodes and rip only them as imkidd said, and I’ve done that, but it is extra trouble when I want to put a couple of episodes on a disk and have a menu to choose between them. Reauthoring isn’t hard, its just another step to have to do.

So, for the sake of convenience, I’ve just gone over to dl disks for tv series dvds.

In general, i share your concern about too much compression.
However, for Lost, compression is in the 60% range, and produces acceptable results, at least for my tastes.

Depending on the program you use, sometimes with episode disks when you import the titles into the program your using like title 1 -2-3&4. Title 1 may not be listed first. Sometimes it will be the longest title. Just make sure you re-arrange them so that title 1 is copied first and are in the right order. Title one may be listed 3rd or last or whatever. Again this depends on the program.
What I usually do on episode dvds is use recode or shrink & eliminate the previews at the start & credits at the end to make the episode smaller. I then convert them to divx, and put the whole year on one dvd.