Backing up laser discs

How can I preserve my collection of laser discs (about 600 in all, 2/3 classical music
and the rest American musicals and comedy films) since no previous manufacturers
are marketing new laser disc players. My player is by Pioneer. Is there any way of
recording these laser discs to DVD’s? Any problem with current copywrite regulations?
Are current DVD recorders capable of doing such a job?

The disks were never copy protected that I’m aware of. I have many tapes made from laser disks and their never was a copy problem. You might run into the digital copy prohibit chip stopping you depending on the recorder but I think most should work. I have a few too and am considering transfering them to my Panasonic e80 hd/dvd recorder, at least the rare ones I can’t get elsewhere on dvd now.

another alternative would be to invest in a “capture box or card” for your pc, and pipe you laser disc players feed into that, and then back-up to dvd from your hard drive.

It will take alot of hdd space to do this, and you may run into trouble if you pc is fat32 partition.


Look at the thread “An Easy? Question…” below-

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Laserdiscs are not encrypted. You can get a capture card for your pc or record them to a dvd recorder. Don’t laserdiscs have more than one side or disc? A pc might be a better choice, since you could edit the mpg files back together. Also on a longer disc, you might run out of room on a single layer disc.

They have various speeds/quality levels, I think usual speed is 1 hour a side, thats why the latest players would autoreverse. The newer dvd recorders with a HD built in should work fine to capture and combine or use the regular modes with rewritables or try pausing between sides like with your VCR.
I haven’t tried it yet as I’ve moved all of my laser players out of the AV system and will have to drag one back in and hook it up.