Backing up jedi academy on HD

my computer has a DVD-rom drive, and it always throws me errors such as Cyclic Redundancy Check error when i install softwares, especially large games. i have jedi academy, but my DVD-rom drive does not let me install (yes, the CRC error). so i turn to an older yet serviceable computer and try to use Alcohol 120% to create an image of the disks so that i can install from my HD by mounting it on a virtual drive. I don’t need to burn the images onto CD-RW (i don’t have a burner anyways). I successfully create an image of Disk 2 in .ISO, but as for Disk 1 there is a SecuROM protection for a specific file (E:\GameData\GameData\jasp.exe). Also, if i try to create an ISO image for Disk 1, there will always be 2 errors at the end (i take that as a sign for CD protection). Scenario explained

now the question is- how can i create a good image (formats other than ISO are fine) of jedi academy Disk 1 and beat the SecuROM protection? Appreciated.

P.S.: i don’t need to burn the images.

try using these steps and use Alcohols MDS format.

Oh…thanks a lot, robbo.
one more question: after following those steps in creating a MDS image of a CD, there should be two errors at the end. according to the article, the two errors are signs of SecuRom protection. does that mean the CD image contains that two errors, and so the image is bad? or do the errors simply say there are errors, and the cd image is perfectly fine?