Backing up James Bond DVD Subtitle Help?

Hi everyone,

i’ve searched through the forum and couldn’t find anything here on this topic so if you could help that would be greatly appreciated.

So i’ve bought the james bond 007 movie ultimate collection edition (all the movies) and i’m having trouble backing them up. I’m using dvdshrink, and i’ve used it before with no problems.

The problem is however that when i back up the dvd it removes the normal subtitles from the movie. (The substitles that come up when a foreign character speaks on screen.) I can see in the options in dvdshrink that it has selected all the other languages in the substitles section (even though i don’t need them.)

Any help would be great. Thanks!

It only removes the subs when you select that.

when i select the other subtitles?

have i selected something i shouldn’t have?

Dvd Shrink / Edit / Preferences, & check your settings.

as pointed out check settings before you rip to which subtitles you do want personally i find them very annoying and always choose to emit them from copying i hope this ids of some help to you ----------------SILVERSURFER---------------------------

Thanks everyone for your help, ripping now using your advise.

Thanks again!!!