Backing up iPod video

At the moment I’m performing my first download of my new iPod account: a college bowl game. At the same time, I learned (to my surprise) I couldn’t burn that video to a DVD.

I want to back the video up, maybe play it on my TV or something. I have DVD dycrypter and DVD shrink, and something called Free Studio Manager from (to convert youtubes to dvd). Will those take the DRM out of the video I purchased? Can you recommend a free app to perform this task?


I’m not aware of any free tools for breaking DRM on iTunes videos. There are quite a few rather shady companies that offer programs for breaking DRM on these files, but not for free.

Tunebite is probably the most reputable of these type of programs. There is a free trial for the program. It can output in avi or mp4 files, not dvd-video, so you’d need a dvd player that can use one of those formats. You’re going to lose a bit of quality capturing the video with Tunebite, so I don’t really recommend converting its output to dvd-video, but it could be done using AVStoDVD or DVDFlick (both free).

I also I am not aware of any Freeware for this, but a google search turned up this tuortial claiming to provide info, so you may want to check it out.