Backing up HL2 to dvd

I have an NEC 3500 with the factory 2.18 firmware. I made a backup of HL2 using the steam backup utility. When I went to burn it with Nero it gave me an error saying I can’t burn using ISO mode with a file over 2Gb and told me to use UDF mode which I did. The dvd burned fine and the file shows up on the dvd, but when I go to double click the file to make sure it works (it’s an .exe) nothing happens. Any ideas? Tia.

I also just tried making the backups cd size and burning them all to a dvd. Still won’t work. The burn goes fine, no errors or anything, and all the files show up on the dvd but the .exe will not execute. I’ve checked the backups from my hard drive and they work just fine, but once I put them on dvd, nada.


I just moved the files from the dvd back onto my hard drive and it worked. Why wouldn’t I be able to execute the file from the dvd?

Maybe of the read-only mode on the DVD?