Backing up hidden Menu Item

I need to back up several movie previews contained on different dvd disks. When viewing the location of the files (by playing them on VLC media player) they are showed as being within the DVD menu. Viewing the disk information on DVDFab and DVDRipperWizard confirms that the 2 to 3 minute files are not in any of the titles.

Where are these hidden files on the disk? How do I access them to back them up?

Has anyone at all had experience with these files.

Disk: Hook; Hidden file: Hook Trailer
Disk: Anastasia; Hidden file: Anastasia Trailer
Disk: Roxanne; Hidden file: Roxanne Trailer
Disk: Cool Hand Luke; Hidden file: Cool Hand Luke Trailer

Or if anyone has these disks, maybe they can help me unravel the mystery?

Just a quick clear up: I need to back these up in a way that the files can be played separately from the menu. Combined all onto one separate disk and each file played as a title.

Any video will be a “.vob” file, it’s as simple as sorting them out and finding the one you want.

This will probably be moved to the newbie forum now, for such a basic stupid question–but what program can you use to double-click a .vob file so that you know which file of the many ".vob"s has the video file you are looking for?

Use PgcEdit’s trace with preview to see which titles are needed to be kept. It is highly unlikely they are in the menu domain - but if they are, then it’s a matter of blanking the unwanted titles, which is very easy.

Other solutions include VobBlanker and DVD Remake Pro.