Backing up hard drive

Hello everyone, first time poster from Wash. DC

I have a Dell Dimension 4550, XP os. My hard drive started to make a piercing, annoying noise. As a result, Dell sent me a replacement hard drive. I now have 2 hard drives loaded. Now, I want to transfer my files from my old hard drive to my new hard drive. What is the best way to do this?

The IDE cable can connect to both hard drives, while connecting to the motherboard. My question: is their a way I can transfer files from my old hard drive to my new hard drive by connecting the two drives?

Or, do I need to burn all my files to a disk to transfer, or get an external hard drive to transfer my files, and then transfer them to the new drive.

Set the jumper pin in the back of your hard drives to CS (cable select). Assuming the new HD Dell sent you has OS installed and bootable, connect the new HD to the end of the IDE cable and old HD to the middle of the cable. Start system, and your old HD will show up, just drag your documents to the new HD.