Backing up Guitar Hero



I know its not a dvd movie, but its a dvd so I figured this was the right place for the thread. Anyway, I read that it is possible to back up/ copy the game. Ive tried searching here and the net and I have only found out a few things like using dvd decrepter. Does anyone have specific steps or a how to? Thanks again.


bump. anyhelp is appreciated…


you should try seaching the forums… but the steps are…

Dvd Decrypter
2.Save to harddrive
3.Insert Dvd media
…Make sure to select the image you made with read
5.Burn to your Dvd media
6. Complete.

You MUST have a modded ps2 or xbox in order to play backups.

If this is a game for ps2 or xbox, search the forums for softmodding the ps2, softmodding the xbox, installing a modchip in ps2, and/or installing a modchip in xbox.

REMEMBER: When in doubt GOOGLE!


Thanks for the steps, I did follow those b4, stil no success. I though I read somewhere that with guitar hero you didnt need any mods to play a back up since its a very simple game, but i could be wrong. I ahve googled it too and have failed and for the most part…im good with google.


[I]elmonomalo[/I] is correct. The console must be modded for copies to work.

Think about it. If everyone could play copied games, everyone would be doing it and there wouldn’t be any games sold in stores.


I know this, but I thought guitar hero was an EXCEPTION…guess not.