Backing up gta3 - very slow reading



Is this normal? Im trying to back up gta3 on my liteon 32123S and its reading at 0.18X according to clone cd 4, 58k a sec??? Its set to read at max - normal game reading settings. Does the same with my LTD163 aswell - is this normal??? How longs it take to read a protected cd on average???



It will only read that slow for about 10min with gta 3, then it will speed up.

Speed depeds on both protection and reader. could take from 3 mins to several hours (worst case for me was CloneCD 1.x and settlers 3 which took 74 hours).


74 hours :rolleyes: !!! Hope it was worth it!

Thanks for the help - i’ll just leave it be and be patient for once!
the 32123S usually reads cds much faster - like Fifa 2001, Thief i’ve made back ups of and other protected games but i presume they have less protection than SD2.51 cos they r older.
Thats y i was a bit concerned bout the slowness cos its usually a lot quicker.

Cheers again